It was May 2004 that we opened our doors and if you still haven’t checked out our store and experienced our excellent customer service... what are you waiting for?

We are locally owned - The largest locally owned and operated liquor store in the state.  No giant corporation, no evil overlords in an office a thousand miles away in another country, just the boss and our awesome team here to take care of you.

What does that mean for you? It means we have a staff that is happy to be here and is anxious to help you in every way we can whether you’re looking for new ideas or something very specific. We can also help you plan drinks for your party, pair a wine or beer with your meal and help you pick that perfect bottle for your special occasion. We just like to help!

Alaska owned also means that we have great leadership working alongside us, and it means that we can quickly get you answers and help right from the top. So yeah, that’s a pretty cool situation. 
Much better than those big box stores.

Another benefit of a local liquor store with our floor space (Have you been here? This store is HUGE) is that we can offer you the best selection not just of your regular favorites, but also all the new stuff, the obscure stuff, and the different stuff for when you are looking for a change.

Added Bonus: When you’re looking for brand new exciting products, we are in a position to get it in quickly and we are always willing to make those special orders for you - if we can get it, we will. 

Last but not least - we are competitively priced and we work hard to make sure that you are getting the best price when you come see us. Our ads run for a month at a time so there’s no need to chase the weekly ads from those corporate goons.

And one last note for those of you out of town - 
Gold Rush offers unparalleled friendly and fast service to all of our Bush customers.
**Shipping in Alaska Only**