A few things about our Product Lists: 

We are the largest locally owned liquor store in Alaska. We have 20,000 sq feet, and over 10,000 items in our store. However, we are still a small business run by only a few great folks. Keep this in mind while perusing our product guide. We are regularly receiving new items, and sometimes great products are discontinued by our distributors. We update this page whenever we can, but customer service in the store is our first priority. When everyone here is happy, then we move on to updating our product lists. 

Things change: Availability and prices are never static. Because of this we cannot list everything we carry, and other than our Current Deals we will not list pricing here. We are always happy to help you with those questions over the phone. 

That being said; we've worked hard to make sure we have a reasonable representation of what is available to you. For those visiting from the Outside, you will find that in Alaska we simply do not have the variety you might see in your home State. Be prepared to work with us to find you the best approximation of what you are looking for.

* If you are a Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon drinker you know that many of the most popular distillers have been unable to keep up with the demand for their products. Presence on our product list does not guarantee current stock. Please be prepared to discuss and consider alternatives.  -- It's always fun to try something new --

** Regarding Beer: Remember that there are many seasonal and rotating offerings. We've listed only the BREWERY, not the individual styles of beer available for each brewery. 

*** Wine drinkers: This list is FAR from exhaustive. We've tried to give you a good representation of the offerings we have at all price ranges.  

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(these guides are a work in progress, and far from complete, thank you for your patience)