So you're having a party, wedding, college graduation, get together, beer pong tourney, huge - invite all the neighbors - kind of block party… how much booze should you buy?


Here’s some basic info for you to help you get this figured out:

First check out this calculator to figure out how much booze you’ll need for your party. We’ll help you figure out the details from there! (We feel like this calculator over estimates soda needs - be aware of that!)

If you want to get more detailed or decide if you need a keg or cases of beer - here you go:


Kegs: All kegs require a $50.00 deposit - you get this back when you bring back the empty!

1/2 Barrel - 15.5 Gallons - Just under 7 cases of 12oz cans/bottles - 160lbs full

164 - 12oz pours

1/4 Barrel - 7.75 Gallons - Just under 3.5 cases of 12oz cans/bottles

82 - 12oz pours

1/6 Barrel - 5 Gallons - Just under 2.5 cases of 12oz cans/bottles

 53 - 12oz pours



750ml Bottle - 25oz

 5 - 5oz glasses

1.50L Bottle - 50oz

                   10 - 5oz glasses

*** 750ml Champagne - 6 - 4oz glasses (for toasts you only need a ½ fill - plan 1 bottle for 10 guests) ***



750ml Bottle - 25oz

16 - 1.5oz pours

When mixing cocktails algebra is actually useful - or you can just ask us for help.