Our growler Bar is constantly changing. We update here as often as possible, but if you have your heart set on one brew, call or stop by to make sure we didn't blow that keg today. 



Tap 1: ALASKAN - ROUGH DRAFT SEA SMOKE - IBUs 24 - ABV 6.5% - $12.00

This Experimental Ale draws inspiration from the Islay Scotch Whiskey region along with the Southeast Alaskan beach bonfire. Golden in color, brilliantly clear, and forms a nice white head. Light malt flavor supported by peat smoked malts and subtle hints of honey.

Tap 2: DESCHUTES - FRESH SQUEEZED IPA - IBUs 60 - ABV 6.4 % - $12.00

This mouthwateringly delicious IPA gets its flavor from a heavy helping of citra and mosaic hops. Don’t worry, no fruit was harmed in the making of this beer.

Tap 3: KING STREET - PILSNER - IBUs 30 - ABV 5.5% - $10.00

King Street has crafted this Pilsner in the Czech tradition with a delicate hop aroma that is supported by a dry malt backbone and finishes with a clean hop balance…absolutely clear and beautiful

Tap 4: KONA - HANALEI IPA - IBUs 40 - ABV 4.5% - $10.00

The right balance of all the attributes—soft bitterness, a sessionable ABV and balanced aroma and flavor that is present but not overpowering—resulting in the ultimate drinkable IPA.

Tap 5: KENAI RIVER - NAPTOWN NUT BROWN - IBUs 38 - ABV 6.4% - $11.00

A “nut” brown in the literal sense – with an ample supply of toasted pecans added to the mash during the brew! Plenty of malt and roasted grains hit the palate with a hint of chocolate and coffee backed up with a nice hop bitterness

Tap 6: LAGUNITAS - DARK SWAN SOUR ALE - IBUs (n/a) ABV - 8.7% - $11.00           

Sour ale fermented with dark red wine grapes, giving it its uniquely deep and rich purple hue. Then it received the signature Lagunitas treatment with a healthy dose of experimental dry hops. This might just shock your taste buds!

Tap 7: BEAR PAW RIVER - FRONTIERSMAN IPA - IBUs 75 - ABV 7.0% - $12.00

Another of Alaska’s craft breweries. Tropical fruit, Citrus, Fresh hop

Tap 8: LAGUNITAS - FUSIAN 29 - IBUs 50 - ABV 5.5% - $10.00

Hoppy Wheat

Tap 9: DOUBLE SHOVEL - HOPPED CIDER - IBUs n/a - ABV 6.5% - $11.00

Semi-Dry hopped cider dry-hopped with both loose leaf and pellet hops to add both astringency and aroma without the bitterness of an IPA. Cascade and citra hops in combination with sweet orange peels provide a danky aroma with piney and citrus flavor notes.

Tap 10: ANCHORAGE - UNO MAS (Session IPA) - IBUs (?) - ABV 3.4% - $12.00  

Anchorage Brewing now has a session offering for those of you who like to have a few and keep your wits about you.

Tap 11: ARKOSE - LIQUID SPIRIT APA - IBUs 43 - ABV 5.2% - $11.00    

Pacific Northwest style American Pale Ale (APA) with refreshing and hoppy citrus flavors. 

Tap 12: ZIP KOMBUCHA - GINGER - n/a - $12.00

Locally brewed! Fresh awesome Ginger Flavor - Non - alcoholic.






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