Frequently Asked Questions

1.       OMG! This is the biggest liquor store I’ve ever seen! Is this the biggest liquor store in Alaska

-          Why yes it is. We are also locally owned by a guy who is out here working harder than the rest of us. If you are a supporter of small local businesses. That is what we are - even if we have the largest floor plan.

2.       Can you get “x” beer, “y” wine, or “z” liquor for me?

-          Please, let us know what you are looking for. We LOVE to get new stuff and provide the best selection for that hard to find boozy goodness. However, sometimes it’s just not an option if our distributors don’t bring it to Alaska. Take pictures of what you want or text yourself the name of it so we have the right spelling. And if you’ve tried it before, let us know where you got it.

-          Just be aware - if it’s produced east of the Mississippi, don’t get your hopes up. Because of the way distributors and the supply chain are set up we just don’t get products from that side of the River.

-          Just as a side note - there are THOUSANDS of amazing craft breweries all over the country - and finding a micro-brew in Alaska that’s super small production 5000miles away is pretty unlikely. But remember we have dozens of new craft brews for you to fall in love with!

3.       Where is the Moscato at?

-          Moscato is a sweet white wine made from the Muscat Blanc grape. It has received a huge boost in popularity recently and so the options have multiplied, a LOT. We have several different moscatos and they are all located together for your convenience. Ask any one of our friendly staff and we’ll get your right to the aisle.