Bush Orders

8661 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK 99515
Fax: 907-344-2201
Email: bushorders@goldrushliquor.net


As of March 28, 2017 we can now allow


This will streamline and make your ordering process easier, and more timely, however the rules about how your orders are filled out have not changed.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For email & fax orders we must have our order form completely filled out, signed and dated.

Faxed Orders

·         Fill out your order form completely, sign and date. Fax to 907-344-2201

Emailed Orders

·         Fill our your order form completely, sign and date

·         Scan or take a photograph of your completed form - ATTACH it to an email and send to bushorders@goldrushliquor.net

Important Notes:

·         We cannot accept typed “signatures” you must print and sign your order form and send it as an email attachment.

·         We cannot accept orders typed into the body of an email. Order forms must be filled out completely and sent as an attachment.

·         All State Statues still apply to Bush Orders, only the delivery method has expanded

·         Emailed or Faxed Identifications must be legible and the picture visible and clear

·         Physical Addresses are required. The State does not accept P.O. Box numbers

Any order not in 100% compliance will be required to resubmit correctly before orders are filled

Please call if you have any questions! Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm  - 907-344-2200


Shipping Information:

We truly value our Bush Customers and strive to provide the best possible customer service and fastest turn around time in the industry.

I promise you, you've never met anyone as cool as we are. We love our customers from the Bush. When you come to town we hope you stop by and introduce yourself! 

So here's the official stuff that makes it possible to give you the killer service mentioned above.

The State requires (per Alcohol Beverage Ordinance 13aac104.645) 

  • Orders must be in writing.

  • Orders must have a copy of a valid Drivers License or State Issued Identification card.

  • Orders must be signed and dated.

  • Orders must comply with limits for the area the order is purchased from.

  • Orders must be paid for at time of ordering.

  • All orders and copies of identification must be sent by mail or air service.

  • All orders must have your current physical address

Please note - when using Credit or Debit Cards 

we must have your CVC #   (3 digit # on the back of your card) 

Please use our Order Form when ordering.


Bush Order department available by phone Monday - Saturday 9 am - 6 pm - Closed Sundays

If you call outside these hours our lovely cashiers can't give you an accurate quote.

Please don't make them feel bad about themselves, they hate it when they can't help you.